Lost Our Home Provides Support During the COVID-19 Crisis

Our goal is to help as many needy pets and pet parents as we can, but with COVID-19 causing so much uncertainty of funding for our programs, we can only plan for rescues for which we have funding. This is why funding support is even more critical now than ever before.

Maricopa County and Pet Friendly Rentals Over 4 million people call Maricopa County home, but according to the MLS system less than 8% of rental properties in Maricopa County are pet friendly. While this does not include rental properties not listed on MLS, it is nearly impossible for families to find affordable housing that will accept their pets.
Phoenix and the Housing Crisis* Even with an eviction moratorium, Phoenix currently leads the nation in eviction filings, and research shows we are heading toward a housing crisis three times worse than the housing crisis of 2008. Coupled with COVID-19, we are headed for a perfect storm. The area’s two largest shelters, which take in a combined 45,000 pets annually have severely restricted their owner surrender pet intakes.
The Rise of Pet Abandonment and Owner Surrenders We are already feeling the effects of what COVID-19 and the resulting financial fallout is doing to families in our communities, and we haven’t even hit the peak yet. Lost Our Home is receiving more applications than ever before for owners looking to permanently surrender their pets and from people who have found pets abandoned in homes without food, water, or care.
Our Temporary Care Program Our innovative 90 day Temporary Care Program provides pet care for families facing crises like illness, Our innovative 90 day Temporary Care Program provides pet care for families facing crises like illness, homelessness, and domestic violence. Without this program, pet owners are often faced with the difficult decision to prolong their crisis or permanently surrender their pet at a time when they need their companionship the most. This program routinely has a waiting list of 50 pets in pre-coronavirus times. Currently the wait list has increased to 165 pets because COVID-19 and the resulting financial and housing crisis has greatly increased the number of applicants seeking support. We can only serve a percentage of applicants due to space and financial constraints. In order to stay at our current intake level, we need an increase in financial support.


Supporting Pets & People During Covid-19 – Pet Housing Help AZ


* Updated September, 2020