Buddy - COURTESY POSTING: Male 111 Retriever, Black Labrador


Pet ID: 41124366
Breed: Retriever, Black Labrador
Sex: Male
Age: 9 yr. 3 mo.
Size: Large (60-99)

Courtesy post contact Victoria Apodaca vapodaca1960@gmail.com (480) 206-1215

Buddy is a sweet, lovable Labrador boy. He thinks he is small and loves attention. This adorable boy I have had since he was 8 months old, he is now 9. Buddy has No health problems. He and all my other dogs eat pedigree dry food with cooke d oatmeal, hamburger, frozen vegetables and frozen strawberries & blueberries and are fed twice a day. Buddy loves taking walks and having his ears rubbed. He also loves for me to rub his back near his tail while he actually dances.

Adoption Fees

Puppies: under 6 months old $325-450
Adolescent: 6 to 11 months $275-425
Adult: 1+ years $225-425
Senior: $150-250