Roxy - COURTESY POSTING: Female 108 Cattle Dog


Pet ID: 46966726
Breed: Cattle Dog
Sex: Female
Age: 9 yr.
Size: Large (60-99)
Location: Foster

**This is a courtesy post.**

Adoptable Roxy AKA Superstar:

Roxy came to us at a chunky 79 lbs. and her amazing foster family has been working on her diet and exercise, and she is now ... wait for it ... a svelte 60 lbs! We believe she is up to a two-mile walk and is eating a diet of Just Food for Dogs courtesy of a sponsorship. Roxy's got moxy.

All that extra weight was definitely not feeling good with her old lady arthritic knees, but now after 15+ lbs of weight loss, she LOVES her daily walks.

"Let me sing you a song of my people! That's Roxy's motto, and she embraces it fully. You'll never be at a loss for conversation if Roxy is in your life. You'll never wonder if someone is at the front door, or if she's excited, or not to go for a walk, or if she's annoyed that you put the hose away after some water play - if Roxy's in your life.

She definitely waits for a reason to bark and isn't a nuisance about it, so don't worry about that.

You'll also never be without tons of cuddles and a companion that looks at you like you are the center of her world.

This 9-year-old speckled Cattle Dog/Shepherd mix is the epitome of a loyal friend. She backs right up to you for scratches and pets, and she'll gaze up with those amazing intelligent eyes.

Roxy would love a home where her human didn't leave her for extended periods of time, because all she wants is to be next to you.

Besides her human being her favorite thing, Roxy also enjoys the company of other low-key dogs, but not sure if cats are her thing. Oh and playing in the sprinklers also ranks pretty high on her favorite list -can't forget that.

Do you have room in your heart and home for Roxy?

You can fill out an adoption application at:

Adoption Fees

Puppies: under 6 months old $325-450
Adolescent: 6 to 11 months $275-425
Adult: 1+ years $225-425
Senior: $150-250