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Meet Special Agent Gibbs (Courtesy Post)

Pet ID: 53712587
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Sex: Male
Age: 14 yr. 1 mo.

This is a courtesy post; this animal does not belong to Lost Our Home Pet Rescue

Inquiries please contact Patricia DeWood

Hello! I'm Special Agent Leroy Gibbs.

When I'm not investigating how toys got behind the sofa, I enjoy su-PURR-vising in the kitchen, asking for pets, and hanging out with people. I'm a very chill and social cat, I get along with children, other cats after an introduction, and lived happily with a dog brother for years.

I LOVE tummy rubs. I will purr and purr and roll over for you to pet my belly! I like looking out the window, purring, following humans around to hang out, and just laying on the sofa or end of the bed to be near you.

I am a very healthy cat but I do have (well controlled) diabetes, so I need insulin shots twice a day. I will remind you though - I'm good at reminding. And I'm a very good boy for shots. I will purr the whole time.

My current foster mom will be able to supply you with insulin - so no worries there!
I'm being fostered because the human I had since I was a kitten died. I know humans don't last forever, and I'm sad, but I still want to spend my retirement giving cuddles to humans who need love and companionship.

Are you my family?

Adoption Fees

Kitten: under 6 months old $150-175
Adolescent: 6 to 11 months $125-175
Adult: 1+ years $100-200
Senior: 8+ years $50