Fosters Needed for Large Dogs!

We have an URGENT need for foster families who can care for the larger dog breeds we currently have at our shelter. Can you help or know someone who can?

Join Us For Our 2024 Brunch Fundraiser

Mark your calendars for LOH’s biggest fundraising event of the year on Saturday, November 16, 2024 from 10:30am-2pm at the Omni Scottsdale Resort & Spa at Montelucia which supports all our unique life-saving programs so we can continue to help pets and pet parents when they need it most.

Welcome a New Dog to the Family

We have many lovable dogs who need a forever family! See our current adoptable pups to find your perfect match.

Find a Lovable Feline to Adopt

Cats are the sweetest companions and we’ve rescued so many that are ready to go to a loving home! See our current cats that are up for adoption.

Train Your Dog at Our Shelter!

Have a dog that could use some training on basic commands, leash training, and more? Join us for a training session with our Dog Behavior Specialist, JJ, who has over 20 years of experience training dogs.

Support Us in Helping Pets & People in Crisis

Lost Our Home is a non-profit organization powered by the loving care of our volunteers and the generous support of our donors. Your donation could make all the difference in the life of a dog or cat.

Support Our Pets With Items They Need

To keep our sweet, homeless pets happy, healthy, and safe, they rely on the kind supply donations from our community, such as food, toys, treats, and more. Our Amazon Wishlist is updated with our current needs!

15 Years of Helping Pets and People in Crisis
found feral kitten education


If you find feral kittens outside, please let them be instead of taking them in or bringing them to a shelter immediately.

If their mother isn’t anywhere to be found, she is likely looking for food and will eventually return to continue caring for her babies. When you come across stray kittens, the best thing to do is to WAIT for about 8 hours.

If mom comes back:

Allow her to care for her babies until they’re about 8 weeks old. Then, get both mom and kittens spayed/neutered to prevent more feral cat births.

If mom doesn’t come back: 

Consider caring for them in your home as a foster parent until they’re 8 weeks old (as valley shelters are usually overrun during kitten season) and they can be spayed/neutered and vaccinated at a local clinic or shelter.

Then, help them find homes by asking friends, family, and neighbors if they want to adopt a cute kitten!

When we educate ourselves on the proper ways to handle feral kittens, we contribute greatly to managing the overpopulation of kittens born on Arizona streets and overfilled shelters with homeless cats. 

The Arizona Humane Society has many helpful resources that can assist you if you find yourself in this situation.

*All information provided by The Arizona Humane Society & Maricopa County Animal Care & Control

Now people don’t have to choose between helping their pets and getting the help they need.

More than 36,000 pets & over 21,500 people helped since 2008

More than 11,000 pets adopted into new, loving homes.

Over 1 MILLION MEALS fed to hungry pets through our Pet Food Bank

125,000+ nights of safe care provided to pets in our Temporary Care Program

Tempe First Responders have access to our shelter 24 hrs a day/365 days a year, so pets can always be brought to safety.

When people are facing times of crisis that jeopardize their ability to care and provide for their pets, we are here to help.

Domestic violence affects both people and their pets and prompts many victims to remain in abusive situations for fear of having nowhere to escape to with their pet. Lost Our Home is committed to changing that uncertainty into assurance through our life-saving partnership with the largest domestic violence shelter in Arizona.
Homeless individuals often rely on their pets for comfort and companionship. To remain together, many choose to forgo shelters or job training opportunities for fear of being separated from their companions. Lost Our Home makes it possible for people to receive job training without leaving their pet behind.
Having no one to care for a precious pet when unexpected medical emergencies, surgeries or illness force people and their pets apart, can leave many uncertain of how to not only care for themselves, but for their pet as well. Lost Our Home supports families suffering from these medical emergencies.
Financial Hardships wreak havoc on people’s lives and the wellbeing of their pets. Eviction, foreclosure, fires, floods…all these force people and pets into unknown territory. We can help in this period of uncertainty by caring for pets and assuring they are in good hands—easing some of the pressure on pet owners.
Leave a Legacy: Pathway of Hope Brick 
Our Mission: to provide compassionate services to pets and pet parents in crisis.

Ways you can help.

Learn about the many ways to donate and help us continue to impact thousands of people and pets around the Valley!
Discover our adoptable pets and fall in love today. Your forever companion is waiting for you!
Find out how to volunteer at Lost Our Home. Whatever your skills, you can find an impactful way to help us help people and save pets!
Foster and share your home with one of our adoptable or temporary care pets.

Help us find pets their forever homes!

Pets are family members. That’s what drives our vision. Lost Our Home is dedicated to bridging the care gap between people who find themselves in crisis and the pets who often have no place to go during these challenging circumstances.

We are focused on finding long-term solutions and making long-lasting impact. Our mission is community-focused; our approach, unique. We envision a caring community without barriers or divides between human crisis response and pet crisis response because we recognize that what impacts people directly impacts their pets.

“When we run into situations with pets that need extra TLC, we know the team at Lost Our Home will make sure they get it. We also know they’ll make sure the pets are kept safe while waiting for their owner to return, or that they will be adopted into loving new homes when needed. It’s a win-win for pets and people.”

Michael Pooley
Commander, Field Operations at City of Tempe Police Department

Arizona Pet Friendly License Plates

Purchase a plate and support Arizona’s homeless pet population

Help battle pet homelessness by purchasing an Arizona Pet Friendly license plate today! A portion of each Pet Friendly license plate purchased is donated to the Spay and Neuter Fund which provides low or no-cost surgical sterilization for cats and dogs throughout Arizona. 

With your purchase, you help lower the homeless pet population and give all Arizona pets a chance at a happy and healthy life. 

Pet Supply Donations (In-Kind Donations)

Lost Our Home Pet Rescue is always happy to accept the following items to help us care for our shelter pets, Temporary Care Pets, & to stock our Pet Food Bank:

  • Unopened bags and/or cans of Cat, Dog, Puppy, and Kitten Food
  • Kitten and/or Puppy Formula
  • Cat Litter
  • Pet Furniture/Kitty Condos
  • Pet Beds
  • Toys & Treats
  • Disinfecting Bleach
  • Towels

We do not accept:

  • Opened bags or cans of pet food
  • Sheets, pillows, mattresses

If you need help unloading your vehicle or need a donation receipt, please ring the doorbell at our front door and a member of our team can assist you. If you have any questions email Thank you!!

Drop off hours for off donated items at Lost Our Home are:
Monday-Friday 10:00 a.m.-5:30 p.m. (donations are accepted daily)

Lost Our Home Pet Rescue
2323 South Hardy Drive
Tempe, Arizona 85282

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