Lost Our Home is a comprehensive resource for pets and people in the Valley of the Sun. We are here to help all the people in our community who have pets and may need extra help. Below are just a few examples of the populations we serve.


We are one of the few pet rescues in the Valley that allows children under the age of 16 to be a part of our volunteer programs. We recognize the importance of instilling the values of compassion and responsibility at a young age, which is why kids ages 8 to 15 who are accompanied by their parent can volunteer with our dogs and cats. Children as young as 6 years old can enroll in our Animal Book Club where they can practice their skills reading aloud to the dogs and the cats at the shelter, boosting their confidence and providing a comforting presence to the animals. Additionally, we have frequent visits from local Girl Scout and Boy Scout troops, elementary, middle school, and high school students who collect donations and participate in other improvement projects to benefit Lost Our Home.


All too often, the men and women who have served our country find themselves in situations where they face homelessness or other life challenges from physical or mental wounds they have incurred on the battlefield. A beloved pet can be an incomparable source of comfort for those who struggle to find solace after suffering a trauma. When in-patient programs are necessary to address issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder, the thought of giving up that pet in order to seek treatment can be devastating. Our temporary care program provides an alternative that enables these service members to pursue treatment options without the fear of losing their pet.

Physically or Mentally Disabled Youth and Adults

We partner with other non-profits to participate in work-readiness programs that provide employment training to individuals with physical or mental disabilities and those who have been unemployed for an extended period. Work coaches offer guidance on how to take direction, complete tasks and communicate with people. Those enrolled receive the assistance they need to help them enter or reintegrate into the workforce with the understanding of what it means to complete a job well done.


Fifty percent of the homeless in Phoenix are women, children or families and ten percent of the homeless care for pets. For those who care for their pets without a place to call home, daily life becomes significantly more complex. Dogs and cats are not allowed in homeless shelters or public buildings and most employers will not allow pets in the workplace. The homeless population is the largest sector served by our temporary care program. We provide the help they need to move forward with life by taking care of their pets while they take the steps necessary to improve their situation.

Victims of Domestic Violence

Forty percent of domestic violence victims report that they will not leave their abusive situation for fear that their abuser will take revenge on their pets. Lost Our Home Pet Rescue’s Temporary Care Program and domestic violence partnership program means that these victims do not have to choose between their safety and the safety of their pets.

Those Facing Financial Hardships

Difficult times happen in life. For those facing evictions or tragedies, such as fires or floods, or other unforeseen events, Lost Our Home is there to step in to provide care for the pets who are victims as well. With our Temporary Care Program leaving your pet care to us, allows you to overcome those difficulties without the added stress of wondering who will care for your treasured pet.

Illness, Injury, Rehabilitation, and Hospitalization

For those without support systems who fall ill, sustain an injury or require hospitalization, caring for a pet can be impossible. Many will forgo necessary medical care or treatment for fear that they might have to give up their pets. Lost Our Home’s temporary care program provides the time necessary for these individuals to rehabilitate and heal without worry or concern that their pet is not receiving adequate care. In addition, many elderly in our community have special needs and they may face no other choice than to find a solution of care — either temporarily or permanently for their pets — we can help them have the peace of mind that their pet will be loved and cared for.

Seniors and the Elderly

Pets bring many seniors a tremendous amount of joy and a renewed sense of purpose, but a lot could be done to make life easier. Some may be less likely to visit the doctor or agree to hospitalization if they worry about their pet. We can provide peace of mind knowing their pet will be loved and cared for in our Temporary Care Program. For pensioners, the cost of pet ownership may be prohibitive, some even electing to spend their money on a pet instead of their own food or medication. Our Food Bank Program can help by providing pet food, litter, and other items (depending on availability) during times of need. Seniors are also encouraged to volunteer – interact with the pets, be a part of our Animal Book Club, or help out at events!