At Lost Our Home, we work closely with like-minded non-profits, dedicated volunteers, and community service groups who, like us, want to make our community a better place for all. With their partnerships, we are able to expand our capacity to serve the people in our community, while also enriching the lives of the pets in our care.

We partner with many non-profits to use our shelter for their on-site work readiness programs which help individuals with disabilities. Our shelter is a loving, fun environment in which disabled individuals can develop good work habits and social skills that promote interaction, communication, empathy, responsibility, self-esteem, and confidence.

We also offer businesses, service organizations, clubs, groups, families, and individuals a variety of volunteer opportunities that provide rewarding experiences, while enriching the lives of the pets entrusted to our care. This includes projects for corporate team building, Eagle Scout and Girl Scout badge projects, ABC (Animal Book Club) program and more!  Foster opportunities are also available for those willing to open their homes and hearts in service to pets and their families.

Lost Our Home works in partnership with other pet welfare organizations, as well as other nonprofits, like domestic violence shelters, homeless shelters, veterans’ services and emergency services. It’s a way for both organizations to expand their capacity to serve and it makes for a healthier and happier community.

Agency Partners

We are proud to partner with a growing list of local agencies to lend our expertise, provide supportive work, learning, and volunteer opportunities, and work together to create a more thriving community.

Dr. Elsey’s

Provides ongoing supply of cat litter

Stardust Building Supplies

Mutually beneficial partnership where Lost Our Home donates goods and supplies that aren’t usable in the shelter and in return receive proceeds from the sale of the items


Provide monthly volunteer opportunities for youth in their programs

Sojourner Center

Since 2015, Lost Our Home has managed the Pet Companion Shelter at Sojourner Center, Arizona’s largest domestic violence shelter

The Centers for Habilitation

Provide structured volunteer opportunities for people with disabilities to gain work experience


Provides behavioral health treatment for adults


Provide work readiness opportunities for youth/adults with disabilities

VCA Animal Hospitals

Provide veterinary care for pets


Provide internships for youth/adults with disabilities to gain work experience


Provide internships for adults to gain work experience

Tempe School District

Mentally disabled students through the Workbridge Program provide care for pets

Kiser Law

Available to provide counsel on our Legacy of Care and Lifetime of Care programs

Tempe Police Department

Take in abandoned pets or pets needing help from other situations and support after-hours animal intake

Mesa Police Department

Assist with abandoned pets