Lost Our Home has impacted the lives of thousands of pets and people. Our programs are unique and address the many difficulties people face when they need  help for themselves and their pets. For those in crisis situations, knowing that they have a support system in Lost Our Home that they can trust, is invaluable. The people who have experienced first-hand Lost Our Home’s incredible response can best attest to our mission! Below are just a few of the many stories of hope we are proud to share.

When you’ve lost everything, Lost Our Home believes the last thing you should have to lose is your furry family member – just ask Alex.

Through a series of unfortunate events, Alex found herself homeless and living on the streets with her beloved dog Leah. Although she was pregnant and in desperate need of a shelter or a place to stay, she refused to go anywhere that would not allow Leah to come with her.  

With no other options, the two of them found space behind a bush to set their belongings and this is where they spent every night for 3 weeks. Despite everything that she was going through, Alex continued to work in an attempt to save money for housing and the supplies she and Leah needed to survive. She would take a 2-hour bus ride to and from work and leave Leah tied to the bush for 12 hours each day.

Fear filled her each time she had to leave that when she returned Leah would be gone, but she knew not working would only prolong their homelessness. She didn’t want to seek medical care or social services because she knew that meant Leah would be alone for even longer, increasing the chance that she would lose her. 

She felt helpless having no options, no place to go, and no one to turn to. Alex was so concerned about Leah’s well-being that she began posting on Craigslist in the hopes that someone would be able to care for Leah temporarily and give her a safe place to stay.

Luckily, the Craigslist post found its way to a Lost Our Home board member Gina, who immediately contacted Alex to offer a helping hand through our Temporary Care Program. With Leah in the loving care of our staff and volunteers, Alex could work, receive medical attention, and seek social services without the fear of leaving her furry family member behind. In a matter of 20 days, she was able to get the help she needed and work enough to afford a safe place with a roommate for her and Leah to live.

Just 20 days of help allowed this struggling young woman and her pet to go from sleeping on the streets to enjoying a big comfortable bed together in a home. Permanently surrendering Leah would have been a devastating thing to add to an already traumatic time, and with the help of our Temporary Care Program, this family of two, and soon to be three, will be able to stay together.

Lost Our Home is making a difference for victims of domestic violence and hunger in Phoenix – just ask Prisillia.

Prisilia’s now ex-husband refused her vet care or even food for her beloved St. Bernard, Henri. Henri often went days without food and was plagued severely by fleas. The dog lost a third of his weight and scratched away much of his fur.

Eventually, Prisilia was able to sneak Henri to the veterinarian, but she could not tell him the truth of their story. Her husband had convinced her that if she told the truth to anyone, she would be charged with animal abuse and CPS would take her son.

Though the veterinarian prescribed Henri medicine that cost just $20 per month, Prisilia couldn’t buy it and she knew her husband wouldn’t. Henri continued to suffer. Prisilia finally escaped her abuser, fleeing with her son to the Sojourner Center.

Henri joined Lost Our Home’s partnership program for Temporary Care, the Sojourner Pet Companion Shelter. There he received medication, grew out a healthy coat and gained weight. Today, Prisilia and Henri are back on their feet again and no one can keep them from a bright future. Prisilia’s making sure of that—she got her first job ever, working for the Rescue at the Sojourner Pet Companion Shelter and helping others heal.

In situations like these, Lost Our Home can bring families comfort and peace of mind – just ask Glenn.

Glenn was a homeless veteran with an aging mother who had recently suffered a stroke. The only medical-rehab housing centers where he and his mother could stay together would not allow their beloved 11-year-old Yorkie, Lil Bit, to stay with them.

Glenn would rather sleep on the street than give up his dog, but his mother would not enter the rehab center knowing her son had no place to stay. Glenn was overwhelmed and losing hope. That’s when we stepped in.

Through our Temporary Care Program, we helped Lil Bit enter a foster home. Glenn and his mother went to a medical-rehab housing center where she could heal and he could work on finding more permanent housing for all of them.

Ultimately Glenn decided it was best that Lil Bit find a new home —and we helped there too. Glenn was relieved. He could focus on helping his mom, and himself, without guilt or worry. He knew that Lil Bit would be well-cared-for, safe, and loved for her lifetime.