When people are facing times of crisis that jeopardize their ability to care and provide for their pets, we are here to help.

Job loss. Medical emergencies. Domestic violence. Displacement. Homelessness. Hunger. Each is a crisis that all to often thrusts people into life-altering situations and heartbreaking choices. But for individuals and families with pets, the struggles are magnified and the choices often have devastating consequences. Where can people in physical, financial, or emotional distress turn for help without leaving their furry family members behind or in harm’s way? In the Valley of the Sun, the answer is Lost Our Home, a no-kill pet rescue dedicated to helping pets and people in crisis.

Domestic Violence: Domestic violence affects both people and their pets and prompts many victims to remain in abusive situations for fear of having nowhere to escape to with their pet. Lost Our Home is committed to changing that uncertainty into assurance through our life-saving partnership with the largest domestic violence shelter in Arizona.

Homelessness: Homeless individuals often rely on their pets for comfort and companionship. To remain together, many choose to forego shelters or job training opportunities for fear of being separated from their companions. Lost Our Home makes it possible for people to receive job training without leaving their pet behind.

Medical Emergencies: Having no one to care for a precious pet when unexpected medical emergencies, surgeries or illness force people and their pets apart, can leave many uncertain of how to, not only care for themselves, but for their pet as well. Lost Our Home supports families suffering from these medical emergencies.

Financial Hardship: Financial Hardships wreak havoc on people’s lives and the well-being of their pets. Eviction, foreclosure, fires, floods…all these force people and pets into unknown territory. We can help in this period of uncertainty by caring for pets and assuring they are in good hands — easing some of the pressure on pet owners.