Lost Our Home is a multifaceted organization with programs geared toward rescue and intake, pet food bank, and temporary care. What sets Lost Our Home apart from other pet shelters is our dedication to a holistic approach to both pets and people. While we are passionate about the pets in our care and determined to find them a loving home, we are also passionate about families and determined to do all we can to keep pets with their families. Lost Our Home strongly believes that pets are family and, along with our efforts to rescue and rehouse abandoned pets, we actively strive to support families dealing with external crises by offering them care support.

Not Just Another Pet Rescue

A Mission of Compassionate Services

At Lost Our Home, our mission is to provide compassionate services to pets and people in crisis. We envision a world in which all pets have loving homes and are treated with dignity and respect and we’re working to achieve that vision one pet at a time through our comprehensive programs and partnerships.
Our programs give people in crisis the help they need to feed, shelter, and protect their pets. These compassionate services also spare people the added emotional pain of having to choose between their own well-being and the well-being of their pets. When money is temporarily tight, people no longer have to choose between getting food or medicine for themselves or food for their pets. They don’t have to leave pets behind in dangerous, and possibly life-threatening, situations so they can seek housing, personal safety, or other support. We can help.

Rescue for Abandoned Pets: Foreclosure and eviction often leads to pets abandoned without food, water, and shelter. We give these forgotten friends the comfort and care they need and the opportunity to find the new loving home they deserve.

Temporary Care Program: We offer extended temporary care (up to 90 days) for pets whose guardians are facing a crisis, such as, family illness, eviction, homelessness, domestic violence, house fire, economic hardship, or other situation. This allows the time and support needed for those affected to secure a better outcome.

Owner Turn-ins: Pet parents who can no longer care for their animals can take solace in knowing that their pets will be safe in our shelter and that we will work hard to find them loving homes.

Pet Food Bank: No pet should ever go hungry and no pet parent should have to suffer the stress of not being able to provide a basic necessity for their beloved pet. Through our pet food bank, we provide a safety net that helps pet parents who temporarily cannot afford to feed their pets.

Pet-Friendly Rental Program: Moving with a pet can be tough, but our Realtor volunteers can help pet parents find pet-friendly rentals that keep the whole family together. One hundred percent of the rental commission earned on placement is donated to cover any pet deposit fees.

Sojourner Pet Companion Shelter: Created jointly with Sojourner Center, the largest domestic violence shelter in Arizona, this program offers a safe place for the pets of women and children escaping domestic violence situations and preserves the critical family/pet bond. The on-site shelter keeps people and pets together when they need that trusted connection most.


Community Engagement

Additionally, we work closely with like-minded nonprofits, dedicated volunteers, and community service groups who, like us, want to make our community a better place for all. With their partnership, we are able to expand our capacity to serve the people in our community, while also enriching the lives of the pets in our care.
For example, we partner with many nonprofits to use our shelter for their on-site work readiness programs which help individuals with disabilities. Our shelter is a loving, fun environment in which they can develop good work habits and social skills that promote interaction, communication, empathy, responsibility, self-esteem, and confidence. We also offer businesses, service organizations, clubs, groups, families (including children), and individuals a variety of volunteer opportunities that provide rewarding experiences while enriching the lives of the pets entrusted to our care. This includes projects for corporate team building, Eagle Scout and Girl Scout badge projects, ABC Program (Animal Book Club), and more. Foster opportunities are also available for those willing to open their homes and hearts in service to pets and their families.