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Meet Mercury

Pet ID: 56515776
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Sex: Female
Age: 3 yr. 8 mo.
Location: Main Shelter - 2323 South Hardy Drive, Tempe, AZ 85282

Hi, Mercury here. Welcome, I am the cat ambassador of Cat Room 2. I will greet you, I will meet you, and yes, I want to go home with you. And you, and you. Hey, look at my ear. You love my ear, don't you? You think it's cute. Of course, you do! I am cute. I am cuddly. I want attention. You can show my ear off to all your friends. I want to meet your friends. We can tell them stories about my ear just like Vincent Van Gogh. He had the ear thing too, right? I don't remember what happened but I am willing to cuddle in your lap and listen. I do have to let you know I like to be the center of attention and would prefer if there were no other animals in the home. If you think we would make a great match I'd love to meet you, go home with you, visit with all your friends, your extended family, random strangers, and anyone who visits your house.

My adoption includes the following:
-Spay/neuter surgery
-All current vaccinations
-Tested for FIV/FELV
-FREE wellness exam through VCA Animal Hospitals
-$25 gift voucher from our friends at Choice Pet Market
-Access to our Behavior Helpline for the lifetime of the pet

For more information about me or to schedule a meet and greet appointment, please complete an adoption questionnaire.

Adoption Fees

Kitten: under 6 months old $150-175
Adolescent: 6 to 11 months $125-175
Adult: 1+ years $100-200
Senior: 8+ years $50