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Meet Feisty

Pet ID: 50642727
Breed: Domestic Medium Hair
Sex: Male
Age: 8 yr. 10 mo.

Feisty also came to Lost Our Home through our Temporary Care Program. These boys were joined by their sister, Rudy. These three were in a wonderful and loving foster home together.
Feisty enjoys watching the world go by from his perch in the window with his brother, Alley.
Feisty loves to get pets every day and he curls up on your lap while you're at the computer. He is more of the executive assistant cat. Feisty has a soft, quiet purr. Unless it is mealtime. Then, he talks off your ear about the meal at hand.
Feisty loves to be loved. He has a soft, quiet purr and drools puddles when you give him all the love.

Adoption Fees

Kitten: under 6 months old $150-175
Adolescent: 6 to 11 months $125-175
Adult: 1+ years $100-200
Senior: 8+ years $50