Annie: Female 169 Cattle Dog, Australian (Blue Heeler)/Mixed Breed (Medium) Annie picture #2 Annie picture #3

Meet Annie

Pet ID: 56515417
Breed: Cattle Dog, Australian (Blue Heeler)/Mixed Breed (Medium)
Sex: Female
Age: 14 yr. 1 mo.
Size: Medium (20-59)

My name is Annie, but around Lost Our Home, I'm known as little Orphan Annie. This is a result of my owner passing recently. I was with this wonderful, kind woman for 14 years and grew very attached to her. Lost Our Home helped me out and is giving me food and shelter, but I would like to spend my remaining Golden Years in a loving and peaceful home rather than in a shelter.
I love to go for walks, and I'll show you my happy dance if you give me my favorite treats! I am a big cuddler and just want love for the rest of my days. I have so many friends here at Lost Our Home, they are so wonderful, and they say that I have a whole lot of love to give, and no one to share it with. If you have other dogs, please bring them with you so we can meet each other and make sure it is a good match for all of us. Can you be the one to change my life?

Adoption Fees

Puppies through 6 months start at $450.00
Puppies 7 months through 11 months start at $425.00
Dogs 1 through 5 years start at $375.00
Dogs 6 through 7 years start at $250.00
Dogs 8 years and over start at $150.00