Noodle: Female 55 Siamese

Meet Noodle

Pet ID: 83692066
Breed: Siamese
Sex: Female
Age: 4 yr. 7 mo.

Hello, I'm Noodle, a Siamese feline with a heart full of love. My days are filled with gentle explorations and cozy naps. I'm a mellow soul, who enjoys the simple things in life. I'm always up for a good cuddle session, and my loyalty runs deep. I'm a curious creature, always eager to learn more about my surroundings and the people in it. I have a friendly disposition that can light up any room. You'll find my gentleness soothing, and my company comforting. Adopt me, not just because I'll be your loyal friend, but because I'll add a touch of warmth and love to your home.

Adopt me and my bonding friend Kevin. He and I want to explore life together with you. Please take us both!

My adoption includes the following:
-Spay/neuter surgery
-All current vaccinations
-Tested for FIV/FELV
-FREE wellness exam through VCA Animal Hospitals
-$25 gift voucher from our friends at Choice Pet Market

For more information about me or to schedule a meet and greet appointment, please complete an adoption questionnaire.

Adoption Fees

Kittens under 6 months old: start at $150
Adolescents 6 to 11 months: start at $125
Adults 1 – 7 years: start at 100
Seniors 8+ years: $75