Hi Everyone! It’s me again, Peanut. For the past week I thought real hard about what to write next. Mom said to put on my thinking cap, and I did. Then I realized I should write about what’s most important to me. You know what that is? It’s getting my friends from Lost Our Home adopted into new, forever homes! My kitty friends Bartly and Baylor are two of those friends needing a great home.

I have my own great home now with my mommy, and I know all my other friends can have that, too. It’s my biggest dream ever, and I am going to do my best to help. Boy, those thinking caps are great.

Let me tell you about Bartly and Baylor now. They are two real cute kitties. Bartly and Baylor are MOST special cats. We have similar backgrounds since they were found abandoned in a home just like I was. Bartly and Baylor were found with many other dogs in a terrible, dirty house. They were real scared and didn’t know why they were left behind. Who would do such a thing to my good friends? And just like me, they were rescued and taken to Lost Our Home where they got tons of love and extra care.

Plenty of love, snuggles and great with dogs, oh my!

Bartly and Baylor are so sweet and friendly. They love people so much and love to snuggle. Even though they both are FIV+, with love and lots of care they can live healthy lives. They just have to be the only cats in a home or with other FIV+ cats. They don’t let it get them down and you would never even know. They just keep on loving, having fun and want a great home to call their own.

These two most special kitties are even great with dogs. One of Baylor’s puppy friends decided to have some fun one day and used Baylor as a pommel horse. The puppy kept jumping over Baylor, back and forth and back and forth. Whew, I got dizzy just watching them. Baylor was just like, “Whatever.” He wasn’t fazed by it at all. Not one bit!

There’s one secret about Bartly, too. He just loves to talk. I had a conversation with him just the other day. He goes on and on. He talked to me about his day. I was like, “Gee, Bartly, can I say something?” He laughed. Such a chatty Cathy that Bartley.

I just know their forever family is out there. Could it be you? You should come by Lost Our Home and our brand new shelter to meet them. You’ll fall in love and just want to take them home. I just know it! Come on by and tell them Peanut sent you. I have a lot of pull around here.