As we celebrate “Adopt a Less-Adoptable Pet Week,” we invite you to embark on a journey of compassion, connection, and transformation. Lost Our Home Pet Rescue, a no kill shelter for pets in need in Tempe, invites you to consider a long-timer – a pet whose unique qualities might make them “less adoptable.” This week, let’s challenge stereotypes and make a remarkable choice that can change lives!

Understanding the Extraordinary
The term “less adoptable” often masks the extraordinary qualities that these pets possess. From senior pets (pets 6 and older) to those with medical conditions, shelter stress, or specific behavior needs, these pets offer a reservoir of love and companionship that’s simply waiting to be cherished. Often, pets such as these linger in our shelter, and become “long-timers” who unfortunately begin to deteriorate in a shelter environment.

The Power of Your Choice

Unconditional Love: Long-timer pets have a unique ability to express gratitude for a second chance. Their loyalty and love are boundless, reminding us of the profound connection that comes with choosing a less-adoptable pet.

Breaking Boundaries: When you choose a long-timer, you’re an advocate for change. Your choice challenges perceptions and proves that every pet, regardless of age or unique needs, deserves a loving home.

A Fulfilling Connection: Adopting a less-adoptable pet means embracing a connection that goes beyond the ordinary. The love you receive is immeasurable, and the joy of seeing them thrive is a reward in itself.

Tips for Welcoming a Long-Timer Home

Research: Familiarize yourself with the specific needs of your chosen pet – medical, behavioral, or otherwise. This knowledge will ensure a smoother transition.

Patience and Understanding: Long-timers may require time to adjust to their new environment. Patience and understanding are key as you build trust and a sense of security.

Seek Guidance: Our experienced staff can offer insights into your chosen pet’s history, personality, and requirements. Our expertise and understanding of each pet’s unique needs can guide you through the transition.

Create a Welcoming Space: Prepare your home with the necessary supplies and create a comfortable space where your new pet can feel safe.

“Adopt a Less-Adoptable Pet Week” calls for compassionate hearts to rise above limitations and embrace extraordinary connections. We welcome you to consider meeting one of our long-timers and see if you may be a match. By choosing a long-timer, you’re choosing to change lives, yours included!

Break boundaries, celebrate the extraordinary, and open your heart to a remarkable journey with a long-timer from Lost Our Home. Visit all of our adoptable pets here: