A Love at First Sight Story From Doggie Date Night

My favorite thing next to belly rubs and treats are dog and cat adoptions! What makes me happiest in the whole world is when my friends find a forever home.

When mommy told me Diego, who had been at Lost Our Home for three whole years, got adopted, I did my happiest dance of all.

Please read this great story about Diego. He’s even going to travel on the road with his new dad and ride in a semi truck! I have no idea what that is, but it sounds like fun to me:

Diego Gets His Forever Home and a Brand New Semi

After being at Lost Our Home Pet Foundation for three years, Diego finally found his forever home when he met Ken Toth at the recent Doggie Date Night event. It was love at first sight as Ken knew he met the dog who would forever change his life. The next day, Ken showed up at Lost Our Home and could barely wait to fill out his application to adopt Diego, who he would rename Diesel.

Ken had big plans for Diesel. Ken, a truck driver, was getting ready to embark on a new venture and shop for a brand new semi truck. When he found Diesel, he knew he had a buddy who he could take on the road, hence the name “Diesel.”

They’ll Keep on Truckin’

When Ken went to shop for a new truck, he brought along Diesel. The first two trucks weren’t a good fit, at least not for Diesel. The third was the charm. Diesel made himself right at home in the cab and parked himself in the seat next to Ken.

Ken even got Diesel’s nameplate for the passenger side and his own for the driver’s side. These two are bonded and ready to take on the road together.

On the road to new beginnings

Ken and Diesel are inseparable. “He’s the best dog ever,” said Ken. “He’s very lovable and wherever I am he has to be.”

Diesel loves long walks and gets along great with Ken’s girlfriend and her dog. Each morning Diesel wakes up and makes his way out from under the blanket to give Ken kisses on the cheek and then place his head on Ken’s shoulder.

These two surely will have many more stories to tell from their travels as truckers as Diesel and Ken will be going on the road in a couple weeks in their new semi.

Click HERE to see the news story that shows when they first fell in love.  My friend is famous. 🙂

Love, Peanut