October marks National Pit Bull Awareness Month, and we think that it’s time to shed light on the truth about these incredible dogs. Pit bulls have long been misunderstood and misrepresented, often falling victim to harmful stereotypes. In this myth-busting post, we’re on a mission to unveil the facts and celebrate pit bulls as loving, loyal, and wonderful companions.

Myth: Pit Bulls are Inherently Aggressive

Fact: Aggressiveness is not a breed trait, and pit bulls are no exception. Like any dog breed, their behavior is shaped by genetics, upbringing, training, and socialization. With proper care, training, and positive environments, pit bulls can be friendly and gentle pets.

Myth: Pit Bulls Have “Locking Jaws”

Fact: The idea of pit bulls having locking jaws is a misconception. The anatomical structure of a pit bull’s jaw is similar to that of other dog breeds. They do not possess any unique jaw mechanism that gives them a supposed “locking” ability.

Myth: Pit Bulls are Not Safe Around Children

Fact: In reality, pit bulls can be wonderful family dogs. Like any breed, they can form strong bonds with children when introduced properly and socialized from an early age. Supervision and responsible ownership are key to ensuring a harmonious relationship between pit bulls and children.

Myth: Pit Bulls Cannot Coexist with Other Pets

Fact: Proper socialization is essential for any dog, including pit bulls, to get along with other pets. With the right training and introduction, pit bulls can peacefully coexist with other dogs and animals in the household.

Myth: All Pit Bulls are Banned in Certain Places

Fact: Breed-specific legislation (BSL) that targets pit bulls is a controversial approach. Many places are moving away from such bans due to the lack of effectiveness and the understanding that responsible ownership is the key to safe communities.

Celebrating Pit Bulls as Great Pets

Loyalty and Affection: Pit bulls are known for their deep loyalty and affection for their families. They thrive on human companionship and love being part of the family unit.

Intelligence and Trainability: These dogs are intelligent and eager to please, making them highly trainable. Positive reinforcement training methods can help harness their potential.

Versatility: Pit bulls are versatile dogs that excel in various roles, from therapy and service dogs to agility and obedience competitions. Their adaptability showcases their intelligence and willingness to learn.

Resilience: Despite their challenging history, pit bulls often show remarkable resilience and a strong ability to bond with humans, making them remarkable companions.

At Lost Our Home, we often have wonderful Pitties who linger here because people are afraid to take them on. During National Pit Bull Awareness Month we hope to help dispel myths and celebrate pit bulls for the amazing pets they truly are. These dogs are a testament to the power of love, proper care, and responsible ownership. By understanding and advocating for pit bulls, we can contribute to their positive reputation and ensure that these loving companions find the safe and loving homes they deserve.

Interested in meeting one and seeing for yourself how amazing they are? Email adoptions@lostourhome.org to schedule a time to meet one of our adoptable Pitties!