Hi friends! I’m so excited because June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month! We have a whole week left to celebrate my favorite kitties! I know, I know, there’s an age-old rivalry between cats and dogs but I don’t feel that way, I love cats! I have lots of kitty friends; I bet you’d like them too.

My friend Breena is a shelter cat and she’s super sweet. If you walk into the cat room she’s the one rubbing against your legs to say hello. I know why she does it, I do the same thing when people come to visit, it’s just so fun to get petted! Breena sure likes playing ‘Follow the Leader’ when I come to visit, so I show her where all the good smells are in the cat room. Mom says it’s just because she hasn’t met a lot of dogs and she’s curious about me but I think she can tell that I’m the best sniffer.

I’ve seen Kaaz the gray kitty playing in the cat room and I get a little jealous because I love to play with cat toys too but mom says I have enough toys at home. I found out that Kaaz can climb really high! Mom put me in this crazy thing called a ‘cat tree’ so I could meet her and it was fun but I think I’m a little more scared of heights than she is!

I have a lot of other kitty friends that I love, even though not all of them feel the same way about me! I guess some cats will always think dogs are scary! But that’s okay. You should come and meet these crazy cats, they are a lot of fun and they do some silly stuff. One time I even saw Kaaz sleeping on top of a cupboard! I don’t know how she got up there. Just one of the mysteries of cats I guess this dog will never understand!

Please celebrate Adopt a Shelter Cat Month with me and come in to meet one of my kitty friends, maybe you’ll even take one home! More cat toys for me!