We are so proud to announce our new, exciting partnership with Sojourner Center. We have been working with Sojourner to provide temporary care for pets at our shelter for some time. Now our new program will allow women and children who have left domestic violence situations to keep their beloved pets with them at the shelter.

Our goal is to provide shelter for pets of all domestic violence victims in AZ, those who live at the Sojourner Campus, at other shelters, or staying in temporary homes which do not allow pets. Not only will we help them care for their pets, we’ll provide support and training to those women who would like to explore a career in a pet-related field. AND we’ll be helping families and their pets heal from the trauma of domestic violence by providing pet therapy. We’ll be collecting data on the impact of our programs and publishing our findings so our efforts can be replicated by others who want to provide similar services. We are so proud to be a part of this venture!