It’s Better to Give than Receive

Mommy always says it’s better to give than receive. Mommy also told me about a study that was done that says giving makes people (and dogs and cats) happier. I believe that because sometimes I share my treats with my sister and that makes me happy. And you know what? Then I get more treats later.

When you’re happy you get a good feeling. When I’m happy I do my happy dance and I wiggle and everything. I also know when I give extra love I get back lots of love. So it IS better to give than receive! Mommy was right again

You Can Give and Be Happy, too!

Mommy told me about a special day called Arizona Gives Day. It’s TOMORROW, April 9, and it’s all about giving. All the people in Arizona come together to help do good things for charities. That’s a lot of people! Charities help others, and Lost Our Home Pet Foundation helps pets and their families. A long time ago someone left me and my brother alone in our house and never came back. We needed help and Lost Our Home helped us. I understand, so now I like to help other pets when they need help.

It’s easy to help, and you can make a difference for all my pet friends by giving to Lost Our Home. Dogs, cats and their human mommies, daddies and sisters and brothers sometimes are in crisis.

Mommy said it’s OK to share the link so you can go and donate to help my friends:


I hope you give. You’ll feel so happy and want to do your own happy dance.

We Had a Great Grand Opening Party

We had such a great Grand Opening this past Saturday at Lost Our Home. So many people and so many dogs and cats, too! And we even had eight adoptions! I was worn out. But I listened to mommy and got my full 12 hours of sleep the night before. You have to get your sleep and drink lots of water to stay as cute as me.

It was such a fun weekend, and now I’m so tired. I need another nap so I can then help with Arizona Gives Day. I just want to make sure you know how you can give and help my friends. See you soon.