Made in the Shade

Have you seen the new shade canopies at the shelter?  They are so cool (literally) because now all my doggie friends at the shelter can continue to play and go potty outside even when it’s hot outside.  We no longer need SDP, Sun Doggie Protection, and I don’t have to wear this uncomfortable sun visor anymore, but even more important, now all my friends at the shelter will be able to continue to go outside to play and potty all summer long since it won’t be too hot for their paws.

My mommy said the play yard is made of black asphalt.

Whatever that stuff is, I’m told it gets very hot. When it gets very hot, you can’t even put your paws down. My mommy carries me when the ground is hot and we are going in and out of the car, but if all the ground is hot, there would be no place for my doggy friends to run around so it wouldn’t even help if my mommy carried all the small and big dogs at the shelter every time they wanted to go outside.  Thank goodness we have the bestest donors ever and Shade n’ Net, that helped us get shade for the play/potty yards for my friends.

Smooches for Shade

I am thankful and so are my friends for everyone’s support.  We would not have all that shade  without your generous donations.  My friends would love to give you lots of smooches to thank you, so come by the shelter and see all my friends there.

Let’s all have a hot diggity dog, safe summer.

Love and smooches,