A Letter from Peanut…

Hello and happy August! I’d like to introduce you to my new favorite thing, (other than treats and belly rubs) our new monthly newsletter! Every month you’ll read about what’s going on here at the shelter, adoption success stories, highlights about our amazing volunteers, great donor stories and more! We’ll start with my blog, below!

Let’s Go Back to School!

It’s August and the human kiddies are heading back to school after summer vacation, even though it still feels like summer to me! My mom, Jodi Polanski who founded Lost Our Home Pet Rescue, told me about how human kids get to learn a lot of stuff at school. I was jealous because I know learning is good for doggies like me too! Click HERE to read more and learn about how great it is for you and your pet to learn together!


Happiness for Harley

Harley was picked up by a couple who saw him running along the road. He was exhausted and confused when he came to the shelter but soon his sweet personality began to show. Despite all his great qualities, he struggled to find a home. He waited at the shelter for 60 days.

Kennel stress started affecting him, he watched dogs come in and get adopted while he waited. Staff and volunteers worked hard to get him the exercise he needed but no matter what, a nervous energy remained. Eventually a family heard his story and decided to foster him. They would give him a chance to destress, get some one-on-one attention and a place to run. They brought him home and he blossomed. He ran, played and loved every moment of being in a home. His nervous energy disappeared and he fell in love with his fosters. The family felt the same way about him. They quickly went from being a temporary respite for a kennel stressed dog to a family for Harley forever.


Helping Macie and her Puppies Heal

Macie was living in a small home in unclean conditions when she gave birth to ten puppies. Her parents couldn’t afford to feed her let alone provide enough food for her to feed the puppies. Macie’s malnourished body struggled to feed them all. Six of the puppies failed to survive.

When Macie and the remainder of her family came to Lost Our Home Pet Rescue they were all in failing health. Now, Macie is recovering at the shelter while her four remaining puppies are growing, thriving and being adopted into families to care for them. Macie is being fed three times a day and getting all the treats she wants to help her return to a healthy weight. The nourishment is also helping her coat which was thin and patchy when she arrived.Her fur is growing back shiny and thick. She and her puppies need love, food and medical care. Please make a donation to help Macie heal!


Black Cat Adoption Special!

Black Cat Appreciation Day is August 17th, but we’re celebrating it for a whole week! We love ourmidnight kitties and we know you will too! For the week of Sunday, August 14th through Saturday, August 20th, we’re taking $17 off the adoption fee for all black cats over one year old! If you’re not looking to adopt, please share this offer with your friends and family!


Volunteer Appreciation!

This is one caring couple. Craig and Jaidi are at the shelter 3-4 days a week, each! They agree that their main focus is always making sure the dogs have a clean environment to live in. But they do more than clean, Craig recently installed the doggy door in the puppy room and does other handyman work while Jaidi socializes, exercises and makes sure all the dogs fulfill their enrichment.

Jaidi started volunteering with Lost Our Home Pet Rescue first because she and Craig didn’t have a dog of their own. Two months after she began volunteering, she started bringing Craig along. They both got hooked fast! They even took a dog in to foster and ended up adopting her! They are now the proud parents of their wonderful pup, Saphira. They both make such a big difference in the shelter and it’s clear how much they love and care about all the pets. When either of them walks down the hallway every tail is wagging!


I’ll Love Your Forever

Meet Cassie, Penny, Chloe (pictured above), Charlie and Jerry. Five wonderful, beautiful cats who were adored and loved deeply by their mom. Then a few weeks ago, their mom unexpectedly passed away. She was taken from their home in an ambulance, leaving these wonderful kitties scared and alone. She wasn’t even able to say goodbye.

Our pets love us forever and when something like this happens, helping these cats know that things will be okay is our top priority. As a part of our Legacy of Care Program, we are searching for homes for these great kitties who are still in shock over the loss of their mom. If you or someone you know is able to provide a forever or foster home for one or two of these great cats, please contact us today.


Improving Pet Safety with Remora Tracking Devices

If your pet ever goes missing, how will you find them? A Remora tracking device could be the answer. Not only can attaching a Remora tracking device to your pet’s collar help you find them once they are missing, it can also alert you if they wander outside of your yard or other designated area! Lost Our Home Pet Rescue is partnering with Remora because we are always looking for ways for our pets (and yours) to be as safe as possible. With Remora tracking devices on our shelter pets, we’ll be able to track pets as they go to adoption events, when they are out walking so that no matter what we will be able to bring them back to safety. Click the link below for more information and to support the Kickstarter for this awesome, safety-centric product!


July Adoptions!


Adoptions: Anubis, Bandit, Ben, Billy, Buddy, Callisto, Carmel, Cassie, Daisy, Diane, Dotties, Draco, Ella, Emma, Europa, Ganymede, Ginny, Goldie, Hazel, Jasmine, Kaaz, Little Bit, Lola, Lollie, Matilda, Maximus, Moon, Mya, Oliver, Percy, Princess, Princessa, Rae, Raven, Ronin, Ruby, Rusty, Sammy, Shadow, Sibyl, Simon, Skye, Sparta, Sugar B, Taquita, Teddy, Titan, Tootsie