At Lost Our Home, we are devoted to ensuring that every pet in our care embarks on a journey of health, happiness, and holistic well-being. We believe that every pet deserves a chance at a fulfilling life, and this begins with providing comprehensive care to each adoptable and Temporary Care pet. For every pet in our care, we go the extra mile, to ensure they receive necessary vaccines, spaying or neutering, any necessary dental care, and any essential surgeries or medications. This is not just our commitment—it’s our promise to both Adopters and our Temporary Care families.

1. Nurturing Health Through Necessary Vaccines

Our commitment to pet well-being begins with safeguarding their health through necessary vaccines. Here’s why this practice is vital:

Promoting Wellness: By administering vaccines, we offer our pets protection against diseases that can compromise their health and happiness.

Fostering Safe Communities: Our efforts extend beyond the pets in our care; they contribute to creating a healthier pet community by preventing the spread of contagious illnesses.

Inspiring Responsible Ownership: Providing vaccinated pets encourages responsible ownership. It sets the stage for our adopters and Temporary Care families to continue providing the best care, ensuring pets thrive in their new homes.

2. Embracing Overpopulation Solutions: Spaying and Neutering

Our devotion to pets goes beyond the basics. We ensure all our adoptable and Temporary Care pets are spayed or neutered before they embark on new adventures. Here’s why this approach is pivotal to our mission:

Addressing Overpopulation: Every spring, our shelter is inundated by hundreds of puppies and kittens. We struggle to keep up with the demands of caring for them. By spaying and neutering, we actively contribute to reducing the number of homeless pets, paving the way for a better future.

Enhancing Lifespan and Wellness: These procedures are more than just population control. Spaying or neutering offers vital medical benefits, such as reducing the risk of reproductive diseases and certain cancers, ensuring a healthier and longer life for pets.

Building Stronger Bonds: Spaying and neutering also influence behavior positively, making pets more compatible with their families and fostering stronger human-pet connections.

3. Holistic Health through Dental Care and Medical Attention

Our commitment to pet well-being doesn’t stop here. We provide any necessary dental care, surgeries, and medications to address all health needs:

Dental Care: We provide dedicated dental care to pets in need, addressing oral health concerns that may otherwise cause discomfort and impact their daily lives.

Addressing Health Needs: From surgeries to medications to treat illnesses such as Valley Fever or HeartWorm, we leave no stone unturned in providing our pets with a solid foundation of health.

Empowering Families – Both Adoptive and Temporary Care

Our commitment to comprehensive care extends beyond our shelter walls:

Confident Adopters: Families who come to us to adopt can welcome their new companions with confidence, knowing they are bringing home pets who have received the highest standards of care.

Aid to Temporary Care Families: We understand that life’s challenges can impact even the most dedicated pet parents. At Lost Our Home, we stand as a pillar of support for Temporary Care families facing difficulties in providing for their pets. Our Temporary Care families can count on us to ensure that their pet’s medical needs are met with the same compassion and commitment as our adoptable pets.

A healthy pet is a happy pet, and at Lost Our Home, we’re dedicated to making sure every pet’s well-being leads to a life filled with joy, companionship, and countless tail-wagging moments.