Hi, Peanut here again, your most fave dog blogger.

Just want to let everyone know, I’m not just a dog, I’m also a dog trainer. Bet you didn’t k now that about me, but it’s true. So bet you’re gonna like this next blog. Mommy did when I read it to her. As you know, I’m kind of like the mascot for Lost Our Home, and it is part of my job to make sure all the new dogs and cats that check in at the shelter get settled in and stuff.

Since I come from a similar background, I totally understand what it feels like to feel abandoned, or lost, or afraid, or hungry, or any of those bad things. So as a goodwill ambassadog (I made that up myself), I have important work to do. Making all our new guests feel at home is the most important!

Susie Cutes

One of our adorable dogs at the shelter was Susie and she got to go into a great foster home. But the foster parents were going out of town so they asked if Mommy and me could foster her for a couple days. Of course, we said yes. We LOVE having company at our house. Susie is just a pup. She is a 10-month-old wire hair terrier of cuteness. She is black with a little white patch on her chest. Boy, I remember what it was like to be a puppy. Those were the days.

Persistence Pays

I have to admit, I was not being a good girl when Susie first came to our house. She came in and made herself right at home like she owned the place. She was on MY bed, with MY bone, with MY cat Little Mister. Gee, she wasn’t even there 10 minutes! What nerve! So I acted like I didn’t want to play.

I gave in because little Miss Persistent Susie just wouldn’t stop. I had to admit, she was cute. She just wanted to be friends, so I tried not to be angry. Mommy said I should be the better dog since I was older and should know better. I had to remember to share, just like Mommy always says. So before I knew it, Susie and me became fast friends and played and played.

Training Day

Mommy just loves to show dogs tricks and train them. She did a great job with me, and so now I love to help train, too. What’s the point of learning new tricks if you don’t share, right? Don’t tell Mommy, but I think I am better at it because I am a dog myself. So I know how we dogs think.