Peanut here and I’m so excited to share today with you because today is my BIRTHDAY ! Well, honestly I don’t know what day I was born, but it doesn’t matter because for me life began the day I was rescued which was 3 years ago today.

In case you don’t know my story, let me briefly share it with you. My story starts off sad but has a happy ending, I promise.

You see, my brother Jesse and I were found abandoned in a backyard, alone without any food or water.

Then one day a lady came into the backyard and it scared us. We tried to run but she got my brother and picked him up in her arms. She tried to pick me up too, but I ran and hid so she couldn’t get me. She kept trying to talk nice to me and she even tried to give me food, but I wasn’t budging. She eventually left and took my brother with her. Now I was all by myself and more scareder than before. I cried because now I had no one .

The next day the same lady came back so I went back to my hiding spot under the decking, all the way in the back where I was safe from her. Then the lady got down on her stomach and crawled under the deck all the way through the cobwebs to come get me! Once I was in her arms I saw she was a police lady.

I was taken to the home where my brother was, boy was I happy to see him!  The lady at the new house was nice too and gave me food, water and a comfy bed but I was so scared I couldn’t stop shaking. My brother let me hide behind him and even though I was starving I was just too scared to eat.

Over the months the nice lady taught me what it felt like to be safe and loved. I went from being terrified of everything to loving everything. The nice lady became my favorite person in the whole wide world!! She is my mom now and says that she will always love me and never, ever, ever, ever let anyone hurt me.

I overhear my mom telling people how when she calls my name that my eyes light up, and I dance and wiggle – just like if they won the lottery (whatever a lottery is, it must be great). I do it because I know it means that I’m going to get a pet and kiss from my mom. It’s the best thing in the whole world! Actually, everything is the best thing in the world – except of course getting my nails trimmed!

My mom’s name is Jodi and she is the Founder and Executive Director of Lost Our Home Pet Rescue. She said that my story is inspiring and made me the official spokesdog for the rescue. This makes me sooooo happy because now I get to help other needy doggie and kitty friends.

Today would be the bestest birthday EVER if you could make my wish come true and help me give other doggies and kitties a great life filled with love and happiness too (just like what your pets and I have).

It’s so easy to do it too because I don’t need any presents and AZ Gives Day is only a week from today on April 7th. AZ Gives Day is a statewide one day call to action for all Arizonans to support their local charities . My paws are crossed in hopes that you will choose to help Lost Our Home Pet Rescue. My mom said we can’t do this important work without the generous donations of pet lovers like you.

You can actually make the donation today (for my birthday gift) and indicate at the bottom of the form you’d like it processed on April 7th. Go to

You birthday gift enables us to provide food, shelter, care, medical treatment and anything else that my rescue pet friends need while waiting for their new loving home.