Steps for Intake:

1. Complete application

2. A staff member will contact you regarding application status.

3. If accepted pay intake fee and we can take your pet into the rescue.

Stray Surrender

If you have found a stray pet and would like to surrender it to Lost Our Home, you must fill out the surrender form prior to coming in with the pet.


With a partnership with the Tempe and Mesa Police Departments, Lost Our Home is engaging local authorities in the effort to rescue pets from a multitude of situations. This collaboration aligns with our everyday efforts to rescue and rehome abandoned pets.  The Tempe Police Department has a key to a special holding room within our facility where they can drop off pets they’ve rescued or found during their emergency calls or while they’re on patrol, anytime day or night. This alleviates stress on both pets and police officers because pets can be immediately cared for by experienced staff and  volunteers, and officers don’t have to worry about what to do with the pets they may encounter, allowing them to focus efforts on other public safety needs.


Should you wish to surrender a pet in your care and are interested in having a pet rehomed, you may complete an intake application for each animal you wish to surrender.


Once you submit the application, please send photos of your pet(s) to along with your full name and the pet’s name. Applications will not be regarded as complete until photos are received.

Please keep in mind that intake is based entirely on availability and all pets must pass a behavioral evaluation prior to intake. Our facility utilizes a community environment with our dog kennels/cat rooms, so we are unable to accept cats that do not get along with other cats and/or dogs that do not get along with other dogs. Pets who fail evaluation will not be accepted into Lost Our Home under any circumstances. Please note that our facility is unable to take in semi-feral/feral animals.

ALL cats/kittens must be tested for FeLV/FIV prior to intake and must test negative for both.

The FeLV/FIV combo test is a test that determines whether a cat has feline leukemia (FeLV) and/or feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV). This test can be administered at any veterinary office or at any low cost spay and neuter clinic. At Lost Our Home, we utilize free roaming cat rooms, which means that our cats are not kenneled or separated from one another. For this reason, we are unable to accept cats that test positive for either FeLV/FIV for the health and safety of our other cats.

Lost Our Home uses email as a primary source of contact. Please be sure to check the email you provide to us for questions, responses, or anything else regarding your intake application. Due to the high demand our rescue has for pet intake, we are unable to hold spaces. If a staff member reaches out to you regarding an evaluation, it is important to respond as soon as possible to claim that space.

Dog/Puppy Intake Fee: $35.00

Cat Intake Fee: $35.00

There is a $35.00 fee for each pet we take in FOR PERMANENT SURRENDER to help cover a small portion of the costs we incur to help your pet.  Click below to pay the intake fee online.

Click HERE for a list of other pet rescues in Arizona.

Please do not pay the intake fee until you have been approved and we can take your pet into the rescue.

Once in Our Care

Once is in our care, dogs and cats can expect a comfortable and attentive environment!

For our adoptable dogs, we provide a spacious living area that guarantees them both the privacy they may require and the stimulation they need. With volunteers constantly making rounds, our dogs are never neglected. Whether they receive yummy treats as a reward for great behavior, playing with thoughtfully-packed Kong toys, enjoying a romp in our fun play yard, or through interacting with both other animals and volunteers daily, we ensure that our dogs are always given the attention they deserve!

Our adoptable cats also enjoy spacious social environments complete with a variety of toys, kitty condos, climbing towers and playhouses. Plus, they can engage their wild side through our enclosed outdoor catios where they can feel the fresh air safe from any dangers. With special rooms designed to separate out cats based on age and social ability, we ensure that our cats feel like the kings and queens they are!