Peanut’s Birthday Blog

Hi I’m Peanut. It’s my birthday and the official first day of my blog!

I’m cute as a button and the mascot at Lost Our Home Pet Foundation, better known as Lost Our Home or LOH. I’m most probably a Papillion /Chihuahua mix, so you can call me a Pap-Chi or a Chi-Pap, whatever is cuter.

I’m celebrating my 2 nd  birthday today, even though I’m really about four, but that’s between you and me so make sure to keep that secret.

Today’s my birthday because my mom says it was this day two years ago that I was found, rescued and when I started my new life. And that’s really, really true.

My story starts off sad but gets happy later. I promise. You see, me and my brother were found in an abandoned home in the backyard. My first family left us there by ourselves, and we were just too young to be alone. We hoped every day that they would come back to get us and they never did. I was very sad and very scared. My brother tried to make me feel better, but I knew he was scared, too. So we tried to cheer each other up. It was too scary, especially at night, so we would huddle in a corner together to try to stay warm and not think about food and water because we didn’t have any. Not one kibble, not one treat. I couldn’t even remember the last time I had one.



Who’s at the door?


Then one day we heard a noise. Someone came into the backyard. We heard a lady’s voice. Was she a nice lady? Or was she a bad lady? We tried to hide, but she found my brother and picked him up in her arms. She seemed like she was being nice to him, but I was scared. She even tried to pick me up, too, but I didn’t know what she wanted so I ran and hid so she couldn’t get me.  I didn’t know why she was taking my brother from me. She took my brother and left me all by myself.  I was more scareder than before. I cried because I missed my brother. And then it got dark and I was all by myself. Why did my family leave me? Why did that lady come and take my brother?

The lady came back the next day. I was even more scared. She didn’t bring my brother with her. I went back to my hiding spot under the deck, all the way in the back so she couldn’t get me. She acted nice and tried to get me to come out but I was terrified. I was all alone under the deck. It was even darker and colder under there.

She kept trying to talk nice to me. She even tried to give me food. I was too scared to come out. Then all of a sudden I saw her get down on the ground and she scooted all the way under the deck to come get me! She was a person and too big to fit. Maybe she wanted to help me. Then I saw she was a police lady. She had the blue outfit and everything. I knew I didn’t do anything bad so maybe she was there to save me, little Peanut.

Welcome to Lost Our Home

I was brought to a Lost Our Home Pet Foundation foster home where I was reunited with my brother. I was so happy to see him. I was very thin and still scared. But I could tell I was in a safe place where my new foster mom Jodi would take care of me, give me food and love. At first I didn’t know if my new mommy would stay nice forever so I didn’t always trust all the time, but I learned over time that she was always going to love me, protect me and care for me no matter what.

My brother found a forever home, and then I did, too! My foster mommy Jodi decided to keep me forever and ever. That made me so happy because I always had lots of love and food. I even had a new sister dog and three kittie brothers.

It’s been two years since I was found. My mommy says I gained weight and got my “womanly curves.” I used to be afraid of being held, but mommy was so patient with me. I’ve gotten so much better. She fostered lots of dogs and kitties, but I melted her heart and she couldn’t resist, so she took me home for forever


The Happiest Girl in the World

Mommy says I’m the happiest girl in the world. I even have my own happy dance. I dance around, wiggle my body, wag my tail and say, “Woo, woo!”  I now love life more than ever.

When  I wake up, I do my happy dance, and I even run and slide across the bed to get kisses from mommy when she comes over to the bed to see me (I like to sleep in later than mommy).

I do my happy dance when I meet someone new, too. I get to go to work at the shelter with my mommy and meet new people and pups and kitties all the time, so I do my happy dance a lot.

I even do the happy dance when mommy says it time for bed or she brings out the treats. I’m a happy girl!

I used to be scared to go potty because I would get in trouble with my last family. Maybe I went potty in the  wrong place? I don’t know, but I do know now when I go potty at my new home I always go racing to my mommy after because she tells me I’m a good girl. Then I get lots of hugs and kisses, which makes me happy.

I’m not just a pretty face, I’m smart, too. I’ve been learning even more tricks to add to my repertoire. I do sit, stay, down, turn around and high five. And whenever I do those tricks, I get a new treat!

Boy, I’ve come such a long way. It’s been a real journey. I was left behind and then adopted into a great home with a new mommy who loves me no matter what. Everyone says I’m the happiest little girl. And I am. I celebrate life every day because I know that it is precious. I do my happy dance to let everyone know how important it is to be happy.

Please don’t send me any birthday gifts. I have all the toys I need. Just send a donation to help my dog and cat friends at Lost Our Home. That would make me happy.  Mommy says you can make a donation at www.LostOurHome.org