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Our mission is to ensure that all pets have loving homes when families face major life challenges. We provide compassionate options when Realtors and the community find an abandoned pet.

Our vision is a world in which all pets have loving homes 
and are treated with dignity and respect. 


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Latest News
Summer will be here before we know it.  Right now the weather is beautiful, but it won't be too long before the heat will become very uncomfortable, and even dangerous for both people and pets.
We have launched a campaign to raise funds for a much needed shade canopy at our new shelter. Our Shade the Shelter Project will raise money for the installation of a shade canopy over our outdoor exercise yards to protect pets, guests, volunteers and staff from the heat.  Without it, the play yard, which is black asphalt, will not be usable and the pets won't have a place to potty or play outside.   Last year's summer was the hottest on record. We need to install a shade structure before the heat is on!

Click HERE to make a donation to keep our pets protected, healthy and comfortable during the summer months.   

Or, send a check made payable to Lost Our Home Pet Foundation to:
16211 North Scottsdale Road,  Suite A6A #276 
Scottsdale, AZ 85254 

Featured Pet
Kora's Broken Heart

Kora and her sister Mandolin were rescued from an abandoned house in 2011, with other cats.  Although they have been surrounded by other cats at our shelter, you could always find the two of them cuddled together.

The recent tragedy of Mandolin's passing from FIP,  a non-treatable disease, has has not only left a hole in our hearts, but also a great sadness for Kora.  This sweet girl has a beautiful soul, and deserves to have a family who will give her more love than she can imagine.

Click here for more info and contact adoptions@lostourhome.org if you are interested in meeting Kora. Click on the Adoptable Cats or Adoptable Dogs links below to view other adoptable pets from Lost Our Home.



April 9, 2014 is Arizona Gives Day

A one day event in which Arizonians can show their support to the non-profits that help their communities.  

Please choose to support Lost Our Home on this monumental day for non-profits. 

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