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Campaign Recognition Opportunities

Home At Last Campaign Naming Recognition Opportunities Are Available!

To recognize your generosity, Lost Our Home would love to honor you, your pet, or loved one with a special naming opportunity.

There are dozens of naming opportunities available to honor your contribution to this most important Capital Campaign.

$1,000,000 Opportunity

Lost Our Home Building: Centrally located in Tempe, Arizona, the 8,400 square foot building looks out on to South Hardy Drive. Red rocks and desert plants surround the welcoming exterior. Green grass frames the northern side of the front doors, inviting dogs to stop before entering. In front of the western-facing windows are hanging bird feeders where many local birds stop for a snack and the cats inside the shelter have live entertainment. “Pet Adoptions” is proudly displayed above the double doors leading to the Welcome Home Lobby.

$250,000 Opportunity

A New Leash on Life Neighborhood: The Neighborhood encompasses all of Lost Our Home’s dog adoption suites that will feature enhanced kenneling built with windows and other home-like features. Improved kennels will provide flexibility to create larger or smaller spaces depending upon the size of dogs in our adoption program and the need. We will expand the number of adoption kennels to increase our overall capacity to enable us to help more pets.

$150,000 Opportunity

Howler’s Inn Temporary Care: Howler’s Inn is home to the dogs in the Temporary Care Program and Low-Income Boarding Program. Howler’s Inn is also a staging area for all of our adoptable dogs. In fact, every dog who comes to Lost Our Home starts out here; approximately 350 dogs will pass through the Inn in 2017 alone. Our Temporary Care Program provides up to 90 days of TLC for dogs when their pet parents experience a life crisis in which they are temporarily unable to care for their pet. This includes such situations as domestic violence, homelessness, hospitalization, behavioral health issues such as PTSD, and more. For many people, their pet is their only family member. In our Temporary Care Program we care for their pet when they can’t, allowing the pet parent to get the help they need (stay in hospital, behavioral health facility, domestic violence shelter, homeless shelter, etc.), so they can regain their health/stability and move forward with their lives. When they are ready, they are reunited with their pet. This large space is connected to Daley’s Pooch Place (adoption center), the Kibble Café, and the Play Yards where the dogs exercise every day. Howler’s Inn is central to everything dog-related in the shelter.

$100,000 Opportunities

Whisker Row: Whisker Row is home to all the adoptable kitties at Lost Our Home. Three rooms house up to 35 cats and kittens waiting for their forever families. Accessible from the lobby by a door graced by an artistic cat painting, the Cat Portrait Gallery showcases pets who have been adopted from the shelter and provides a view into all three cat rooms. Beyond the adoptable cat rooms is the Purry Time Lodge where cats in our Temporary Care and Low-Income Boarding programs spend their time, along with the Catnip Wellness Center where kitties recover from illness and get healthy for their new forever families.

Pet Food Bank: Since opening its doors, the Pet Food Bank has fed more than 17,000 hungry pets in need and also provided many struggling families with necessary items like cat litter, leashes and collars for their pets. Because of the Pet Food Bank, pet parents are not forced to surrender their pets because they cannot afford pet food. This 500-square foot room leads directly into the Welcome Home Lobby and features floor to ceiling shelving. A large shelf down the center of the room was built by local Eagle Scouts. Every shelf is chock-full of pet food and supplies for pets and pet parents in need and for use within the shelter.

$75,000 Opportunity

Rover Retreat Medical Room: A safe haven for dogs experiencing any kind of mental stress or physical ailment, the Rover Retreat Medical Room offers care and kindness to pups who are not feeling their best. Quarantine is sometimes required for pets with communicable illnesses. Loving care is always under best medical protocol in sparkling clean and sanitary conditions.

$50,000 Opportunities

Meet Your Match Adoption Play Park: This large room is a joyful place for dogs and people. The bright green walls with a park-themed mural invoke feelings of being outdoors with trees, birds and grass. Park benches line the back walls with a direct view through a huge window into the Welcome Home Lobby. Visitors can watch doggie playgroups and training sessions with our volunteer dog trainers, or can experience a meet-and-greet when a potential adopter brings in their own pets to meet a potential new family member. The Play Park has doors leading to both hallways in Daley’s Pooch Place, allowing direct access for dogs on their way to a playgroup or training session.

Volunteer Academy/Conference Room: This is the launching pad for volunteers where they are trained on how to socialize with, exercise and tend to the needs of resident pets. Approximately 40 new volunteers per month enter the Volunteer Academy and hundreds return again and again for advanced training classes. Here, animal experts orient new members of the Lost Our Home volunteer team and here internal meetings, board meetings and more take place.

First-Stop Feline Safe Haven: Every cat who comes to Lost Our Home starts their journey here. This is the first stop for kitties who come in to find a new home. Here, they get lots of attention from staff and volunteers while they await a visit to the veterinarian for routine medical care to prepare them for adoption to their forever families.

Volunteer Welcome Center/Staff Breakroom: This is the area where volunteers begin and end all of their shifts at the shelter. With more than 400 volunteers and counting, this highly trafficked room is popular for all who come to volunteer their time. Whether it’s to grab a refreshing glass of water or a quick snack, this space is inviting for the volunteers and staff who visit. Here, our volunteers can store their personal items, pick up their name badges and receive important information about upcoming events and shelter updates.

Ruff Ruff Recreation Area: Fun and exhilarating, this is the place where every dog comes to play! Turf covers the ground for an authentic yard-like feel and wide shades cover the play area to protect the pooches from the sun. A misting system and fans blow cool water on to the pets and volunteers in the Pooch Playground and Fetch Field during Arizona’s hotter months. Here pups can play, chill out in the pools, or spend quality time with a volunteer or staff member.

Catnip Wellness Center: Cats can come to Lost Our Home from situations where their parents were unable to properly feed them or provide medical care. Sometimes they have suffered from neglect or even outright abuse. This space is where they can heal. Cats are treated for a variety of ailments like upper respiratory infections and ringworm. Individual, multi-level kitty condos in the Center are kept sterile at all times. Staff lovingly tend to sick cats, aiding in their recovery with medication and necessary treatments.

$30,000 Opportunity

Director’s Office: In this bright, cheery office, sunshine streams in. Cats and dogs roam freely and many meetings with volunteers, donors, and staff members take place. The Director’s office is visited by community leaders and all who make, or will make, an impact on Lost Our Home Pet Rescue’s success.

$25,000 Opportunities

Petcare Library: There is nothing better than snuggling up with a good book and a kitty on your lap. This place of relaxation and calm occupies the northern corner of the Kitty Cat Country Club. A shelf filled with kitty-approved books sits next to a comfortable chair, perfect for snuggling with a feline friend. Here volunteers of all ages are encouraged to sit with a cat and read aloud, bolstering your readers by helping with their confidence and giving the cats the one-on-one time they crave.

Tomcat Towers: Tomcat Towers is a safe, calm space for more mature and laid back adoptable cats. Bird watching is a favorite activity among feline residents, and bird feeders are visible from the large windows in the Towers. Natural light floods this bright and cheery sanctuary. Murals of trees and flowers cover the walls, adding to the outdoorsy atmosphere. There is plenty of room for adopters and volunteers to greet, love, and give generous attention to kitties while they wait to find forever families.

Meow Manor (Kitten Nursery): What’s more fun than a room full of kittens? This room offers plenty for kittens and visitors alike! Kittens romp freely in this brightly painted room decorated with whimsical wall murals. Many cat trees and other exciting places to climb and hide allow kittens to interact and play with each other and a variety of toys. Floor-to-ceiling windows make for a space bright with sunlight and enable kittens to watch birds outside. Kittens play and sleep as they please while they wait to find families to grow up with.

Purry Time Lodge: This is a purr-fect place for cats to roam freely or enjoy the solitude of their kitty condos as they choose. Low-income boarders and participants in the Temporary Care Program reside here. Cats won’t miss the comforts of home while they wait to be reunited with their families.

Kibble Café: The kitchen is the center of any home. Staff chefs make meals for every pet here. Nutritious food (and treats!) for all the residents, as well as bowls, dishes, and other basic supplies are stored here. The busy kitchen is the gateway from the dog side of the shelter to the cat side. Touring guests headed to the dog wing always pass through this room.

Executive Suites: These offices are located on the southern side of the shelter along the pathway to the Volunteer Academy/Conference Room and the Volunteer Welcome Center/Staff Breakroom. This well-traveled hall has five separate offices for staff including the office of the Founder and Executive Director, Jodi Polanski. The environment conveys a sense of the purposeful compassion of all who are working hard to help the pets of Lost Our Home.

Cat Gardens I, II, III: These spacious areas directly accessible to the cats of each cat room offer fresh air, sunshine and an outdoor element to the cat spaces. Both adoptable and temporary care kitties are able to warm themselves in the sun and enjoy the fresh air of the outdoors while they for their forever families to adopt them or bring them back home.

$20,000 Opportunities

Adoption Dog Suite – Large: Spacious is the word for these dog retreats. Theirs alone, favorite toys, beds, and blankets make these suites homey. Adoptable dogs dine, visit, and cuddle with volunteers, and receive enrichment activities such as frozen Kong toys and various games, all in the comfort of their own home.

$15,000 Opportunities

Hotel Dog Suite – Large: While their pet parents are getting back on their feet after a life crisis, one or two dogs can stay in the comfort of a large Hotel Dog Suite. This space is made each dog’s own with blankets, bedding, and an area for food and water. This is their personal space while waiting for their pet parents to return to them. Here, they interact with volunteers, rest and relax during their temporary stay at the shelter.

Adoption Dog Suite – Small: Adopters walking down the hallways in Daley’s Pooch Place have a view into these suites where dogs looking for forever families wait to meet them. These rooms are unique for each dog who stays there. Each room is personalized with each dog’s favorite bed, toys, and blankets to make the room their own. The dogs can view the hallways through screen doors and window and can be seen from the hallways while they enjoy a meal, playtime or snuggle with a volunteer.

$10,000 Opportunity

Hotel Dog Suite – Small: This smaller suite is the perfect size for an individual dog or two smaller dogs. It allows the dogs their own space to relax, play, and enjoy their meals while they wait for their families to be able to care for them again. Although their stay is temporary, they enjoy all the comforts of home while they stay at the shelter and this small suite is a cozy reprieve from play and exercise time.

$5,000 Opportunity

Display of Honor: Thanks to those named here, more pets can be saved from challenging circumstances, families are able to get back on their feet and reunite with beloved pets, and hungry pets are fed. These recognition plaques are visible to everyone visiting the shelter and honorees are celebrated by those participating in Lost Our Home programs, adopting a pet, volunteering or simply visiting.


$2,500 Opportunity

Display of Honor: This display lists people who care deeply for the pets at the shelter. A place on this wall symbolizes your support of every pet who walks through the doors at the shelter to have a better life full of love, care, and happiness.