What is the Home At Last Campaign?

It is our first capital campaign designed to advance the mission of Lost Our Home Pet Rescue. Our goal is to raise $1.75 million to secure a permanent home for the shelter. Ownership of our current home will allow us to continue our life-saving work, expand our programs, and more fully meet the continuing needs of the community we serve. Since Lost Our Home fulfills a need no other pet rescue in the Valley does, it is crucial for the long-term sustainability of the organization to raise funds to purchase the building. Lost Our Home Pet Rescue negotiated a very advantageous lease option at the beginning of our lease term in 2013. The landlord now intends to sell the building, so should we not purchase the building, we could be faced with a new landlord that could raise our rent significantly, or may not renew the lease. After researching other buildings available for lease and purchase, it is abundantly clear that purchasing the building we currently occupy is our best option.

Is the campaign only focused on big gifts?

No, we welcome gifts of any size from individuals, corporations and foundations, because, together, all gifts make a difference.

Why should I give to the Home At Last Campaign?

Lost Our Home is the only organization in the Phoenix metropolitan area that provides compassionate care to both people AND pets. We seek solutions for people and pets in crisis to enable them to remain together.

What is included with the purchase of the building?

The entire building is 12,400 sq. ft. We currently occupy only 8,400 sq.ft. with a leased tenant in the remaining 4,000 sq. ft. of space.

What financial advantages does purchasing the building provide?

Purchasing our building helps us with long-term financial sustainability and to reach our expansion goals. By owning the building, we will save $4,500 a month in rent, and we will receive $2,600 a month in tenant income from an additional 4,000 sq. ft. that is currently being leased. This results in a net gain of $7,100 per month ($85,000 per year). After the lease expires, we will have additional space to expand our operations and impact. Ownership of this property provides significant financial gains, operational stability, and opportunity for future growth.

How will the Home At Last campaign improve the future of the pets and people that you serve?

The Home At Last Campaign goal of $1.75 million will support the purchase of the building, allow for much needed facility improvements,  and increase capacity. After the construction and renovations are complete, we will be able to take in approximately 30% more pets and expand programming. Every person and pet we help in perpetuity will be a beneficiary of this project. Our building acquisition and modifications along with the financial advantages mentioned above will enable us to better serve all the people and pets we help in all of our programs, plus position us to expand our model of on-premise pet companion shelters for other domestic violence shelters, homeless shelters, behavioral health centers and more. Additionally, through the increased visibility this campaign will provide to the organization, we will draw public attention to the critical importance of the various programs Lost Our Home Pet Rescue provides.

What are the goals for the campaign once the building has been purchased?

The purchase of the building is just the first step in expanding and improving our facilities and programs. The campaign goal was set to move us past the immediate, critical needs surrounding the purchase of the building. We know reaching our goal of $1.75 million is quite an achievement, but we have more improvements, new equipment and renovations still needed which will allow us to reach our full potential for this space. We want to continue the momentum created by the campaign and create an even brighter future for the pets and people we serve.

What are you going to do besides purchase the building?

We have plans to improve all operations of the shelter for the cats and dogs in our care. We will be adding “catios” into the cat rooms to enrich their environment while they are in shelter; we are making the overnight suite into a much expanded cat medical room and changing the current cat medical room into an additional TCP room; we are adding a medical room for the dogs; building new (and more) dog room enclosures for all of the dogs in our programs; improving sanitation and drainage to create a healthier space for the dogs; renovating the bathrooms to be ADA compliant;  enhancing our outdoor play yards to accommodate more dogs; increasing office space; adding a small library for reading to dogs, adding a divider in the indoor dog playroom for more flexibility of the space; and adding a fire sprinkler system for improved safety!

Are you expanding programs? Will there be new programs?

Yes, we began to engage new complementary partners in 2018 in order to take advantage of the increased capacity and expand our impact in the community to help more pets and people in crisis. As we begin to transition into the new space (after the tenant vacates), we will be able to add more programs onsite.

Will you need more volunteers?

Volunteers will always be our most important asset. We know all of this work is only possible with a loving and dedicated group of volunteers. We are always looking to add more volunteers to our team. Please visit our website to find out more information: www.lostourhome.org.